6 L.A. Micro-Neighborhoods Primed for Buying


Los Angeles is composed of countless micro-neighborhoods, many of which are becoming the most sought-after sites to put down roots. Whether you’re searching for a new home, a commercial property, or a locale to live vertical, Los Angeles certainly has what you’re looking for. Diverse in both populous and structure, the following neighborhoods offer everything from cultural vibrancy to remarkably desirable properties:

Playa Vista

Otherwise known as “Silicon Beach,” Playa Vista is quickly becoming L.A.’s headquarters for technological innovation and entrepreneurial start-ups. There is a tremendous sense of movement and hustle in Playa Vista as existing and incoming companies compete to create the next new thing. As of recent, Google purchased 12 acres of vacant land near Marina Del Rey for an astonishing $120 million, which will undoubtedly up the ante in attraction and property value.


DTLA Arts District

A kingdom for creatives, The Downtown LA Arts District has become one of the most imaginative and vibrant areas for artists to flourish. Although DTLA is becoming increasingly gentrified, the artistic kingdom has remained intact. There is a steady influx of new restaurants, bars, and galleries, creating a micro-neighborhood that is remarkably attractive to developers, business owners, and tourists alike. This once industrial area offers open and dynamic spaces, perfect for new and contemporary developments.IMG_6351-1024x785-1

Boyle Heights

Considering close proximity to just about everything via the 101 and the 10, the presence of the Metro Gold Line and the walkability of the neighborhood, Boyle Heights is utterly convenient. Just east of Downtown LA’s Arts District, the city already gets spillover from tenants that can’t afford to live there. And as prices Downtown go up, this means more young professionals will be forced out to seek cheaper options, landing them in surrounding neighborhoods and creating a demand there for the lifestyle they want.

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This city’s soil is getting richer by the minute. Three years from now, the stadium for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and Chargers will open its doors. Slated to open the same year, a new Crenshaw/LAX light rail line will stop in Downtown Inglewood, offering a short trip to and from the fifth busiest airport in the world. Furthermore, where the Hollywood Park Race Track once stood, a new 238-acre development has commenced. Between 2015 and 2016, Inglewood saw a slight decrease in number of sales and an increase in sold price with single family residences rising 12.52 percent. It’s clear as day — interest in Inglewood is booming.

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Culver West

Since the late nineties and early millennium, Culver City has served as a beacon of urban enjoyment — high end eateries and shopping centers peppering its wide and tidy streets. Now, its previously subsidiary western arm is experiencing a revival. Dividing Del Rey and Mar Vista east of Marina Del Rey, Culver West offers an increasingly trendy strip of bars and restaurants along Washington Blvd. that is sure to attract tastemakers and spark an increase in visitors and residents from surrounding locales.



The word regarding the culturally vibrant Downtown-adjacent locale of Koreatown is out, and the population continues to boom as a result. Dozens of additional residential buildings are on their way and the urban 3-square-mile neighborhood is increasingly seen as a very worthwhile investment for vertical developers.


*Photos courtesy of L.A. Times, Curbed LA, L.A. Times, & Discover L.A.