Caruso Development in the Palisades


The Pacific Palisades is one of California’s, and possibly even the world’s, most special and unique places. From the Village and the Alphabet Streets to Castellammare and the Riviera. From Rustic and Temescal Canyons to Will Rogers State Beach, there is really no place quite like it.

Our respect for these remarkable attributes will serve as the cornerstone for what we hope will become a deep and lasting partnership with the Pacific Palisades community. We love your community and want to be great neighbors and friends for the long haul.

Caruso Affiliated is excited to work with Pacific Palisades residents, businesses and the city, to imagine and create a new community gathering place that reflects the best of this special place. The Palisades Village site offers a unique opportunity to create something truly wonderful that adds to the Palisades lifestyle and preserves the small town feel.

A sense of history and place. A gathering place for families, old and young. All of this is possible. It’s up to you.

Our mission with the Palisades Village community is to provide a platform for the Palisades community to share its ideas and vision for the future of the property located on both sides of Swarthmore Avenue and select properties on Sunset Boulevard. We hope you´ll join us.

As we look at what is possible for the Palisades Village property, we want you to become part of the process and hope you´ll share your ideas and vision with us. We want to create a vibrant and beautiful place of which the entire Palisades community can be proud. We certainly look forward to working hand-in-hand with you in the days and months to come as this process unfolds.